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helping to make the portuguese style of knitting available to the world through group and individualized classes, creating communities, and custom products.



Soraya García

“I have been a fan of Andrea’s since I’ve had shoulder surgery in 2010. I have all of her dvds/books. She is one of the best! I’m constantly turning other knitters on to her way of knitting… Can’t say enough good things!” -Sandra

“I have just completed your Craftsy course on Portuguese Knitting and I can’t wait to get started with these. I have tried a few different Craftsy courses and yours is by far the best one that I have come across. You made the knitting style look so simple and I have never, ever seen anyone make lace, cables, or stranded knitting look so easy! I can’t wait to create my first swatch of lace and my first cable using your methods.” -Emma

Photo by Soraya García

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