Efficient Knitting Supplies and Tools

My website has been designed to house a variety of tools and patterns for a very specific style of hand-knitting: the Portuguese Style. Also used in other countries like Peru, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and other Mediterranean areas, the Portuguese is not an ideal denomination. However, because "knitting with the yarn around the neck" was loo long of a name, I named Portuguese.
The tools I sell here, for example knitting needles with hooks or the knitting pins, are not necessary to knit this way. They are OPTIONAL. But, as any other tool, they were created to improve the craft and your enjoyment of it.
The patterns can be purchase and used for any style of knitting, they are not specific Portuguese and vice-versa, any other knitting pattern you may have or purchase is fine to use the Portuguese Style of Knitting.
Welcome, take a look, browse my website (or my Etsy shop) and let me know if you have questions!

Andrea Wong

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