Knit Stars 4.0

 Hello again!


I will be promoting Knit Stars 4.0 throughout the week! We are a great group of teachers! Check it out!

In my class we are going to explore the basics of Knitting Portuguese Style, knitting using Magic Loop, working with hooked needles, colorwork, "translationg" patterns to knit Portuguese, explore a library of knitting stiches and a segment of miscelanous based on requests I had from you, my students.


Click the link below for more information about these classes and how to sign up for them. One of the things I love about Knit Stars is how they've taken the knitting conference model and made it something you can attend wherever you are. 

Sometimes it is hard to take time away and make the investiment to attend knitting comferences and retreats around the world. Knit Stars is making it easier and giving you direct access to classes with some of knitting's biggest names, right from your home. ⁣

Quick disclosure: Knit Stars' instructors are paid when you sign up through our individual affiliate links (below). Early Enrollment closes on April 26, so don't miss your chance to get your digital ticket to this event at a great price: $199. After it closes it switches to a wait list and the price in October is $229, so don't miss your chance to save a little and have more money to buy yarn!


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Andrea Wong